This year, Leo Burnett celebrates 80 years of inspirational creativity, meaningful communication and bold ideas that have the power to change the world. And sometimes the best way to look forward is to look back.

In 2014, we helped brands in our portfolio from around the globe discover and embrace their purpose – from P&G Always’ “#LikeAGirl” to ABTO's “Bentley Burial” to Samsung’s “Maestros Academy.” In a new book, “A Look Back to Look Forward,” Mark Tutssel has curated our best ideas from the last year. Here, you'll get a closer look at these campaigns and many more. And how brands with purpose can fulfill real human needs and change the way people think, feel and behave.

The day a child is born is one of the most important days in any family's life. But what if not all of the family can be there to witness the miracle?

Jace, a “fly in, fly out” electrical contractor, faced a hard decision when an unavoidable work commitment required him to be away on his baby’s due date – take the job and miss the imminent birth of his third son, or refuse the contract work and stay with his heavily pregnant wife Alison.

Leo Burnett Sydney's new work for Samsung showcases the new Samsung Gear VR, which allowed Jace to be (virtually) in two places at once, all to experience that life-defining moment he would have otherwise missed: the birth of his new son.

Part of Samsung's #LifeLIVE, the story demonstrates the ability of the new virtual reality technology to connect people in ways that create powerful shared experiences.

In the most recent edition of Frisk, the smarties over at Leo Burnett London share all about loyalty – that elusive je ne sais quoi that brands seek and agency folks strive to build. So, just quoi is loyalty? Our experts from Arc, Canvas8 and LB London Planning describe brand loyalty as everything from “an illusion” to “an outcome of successful brand building.”

HumanKind Q1 GPC Zurich

In March, the GPC gathered in Zurich, Switzerland, to judge work from around the network using our HumanKind scale. The committee awarded five 8 Balls to work from Beirut, Istanbul, London, Madrid and Oslo. Check out all of the 7+ work on Planet Leo and view the 8-Ball reel here.

Leo Burnett Change, the arm of Leo Burnett London dedicated to working with nonprofit organizations, released two notable campaigns this quarter.

They partnered with the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children for the Share Aware campaign, which gives parents a range of practical and engaging information and tools to help their children enjoy the web safely. The campaign launched with a provocative and entertaining short film "I Saw Your Willy" that dramatizes how quickly things can go wrong when you share things you shouldn’t online.

Charity Meningitis Now also teamed up with the agency to create the organization’s first-ever awareness film around the dangers of meningitis and the speed at which it can take hold. The hard-hitting film tells the real-life story of one young woman’s experience of meningitis and septicemia, describing in detail the feelings and sensations she underwent in just a matter of hours and revealing the full impact it had on her life.

Leo Burnett Chicago’s new work for McDonald’s reinvigorated the brand’s iconic “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan to show how McDonald’s helps bring a little more lovin’ into the world. The campaign shows that lovin’ is much more than a catchphrase; it’s a value at the heart of every McDonald’s restaurant.

“Archenemies,” the first spot in the campaign, shows well-known rivals setting aside their differences in favor of a little more lovin’ to enjoy McDonald’s together.

The second spot, “Signs,” shows how franchises use the marquees under their iconic golden arches to bring a little lovin’ to the communities they serve in times of both joy and pain, and is supported by the accompanying McDonald’s Tumblr page sharing the powerful stories behind the signs.

Last year, we celebrated our sixty-fifth anniversary with Kellogg’s. While the breakfast landscape has changed dramatically over the years, Leo Burnett is credited with some of its first major players, including Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam. Leo Burnett the man called the year he received the invitation to work on Kellogg’s “one of the most important years of [his] life.”

In Leo’s first meeting with the client, the 89-year-old W.K. Kellogg bombarded Leo with questions such as, “How old are you, Mr. Burnett? Where is your office? What is your billing? Who are your other clients?” Despite the line of interrogation, they were interested, and Leo was in. “Here was a no-nonsense kind of man and a no-nonsense kind of company,” Leo said following the meeting.

More than sixty-five years have passed, and while tastes and trends have changed, we’re still shaping the face of breakfast. Check out our latest work for Kellogg’s in this hilarious spot, “New Arrival,” for Pop-Tarts.

To help celebrate International Women’s Day, Chicago, London and Toronto Always teams released a new video entitled Always “#LikeAGirl—Stronger Together,” which continues their mission to build girls’ confidence at puberty and make the phrase “like a girl” mean amazing things. The video encourages females across the globe to come together and show all the awesome things they do “like a girl.”

Always “#LikeAGirl—Stronger Together” celebrates a range of female achievements including that of Olympic ice hockey star Hilary Knight, who broke gender barriers in the sport allowing her to compete against top male athletes from around the world.

Since the Super Bowl XLIX debut of Always’ 60-second version of “#LikeAGirl,” the movement has gained extreme momentum globally. The young women in this new video collectively inspire girls to be confident and feel proud when they do something #LikeAGirl

This year, Leo Burnett had more spots in the Super Bowl than ever before: two for Esurance, one for McDonald’s plus a pre-kickoff teaser and the Always “#LikeAGirl” TV debut, all seen by a historic 114.5 million people. USA Today’s Ad Meter ranked “#LikeAGirl” No. 2 and McDonald’s “Pay With Lovin’” No. 10, and named Esurance’s “Sorta Pharmacist” with Bryan Cranston the No. 3 most underrated ad of the night.

Esurance, "Bryan"Chicago

Esurance, "Lindsay"Chicago

McDonald's, "Pay with Lovin'"Chicago

Always, "Like A Girl"Chicago

Samsung’s “Hearing Hands” Speaks Volumes

To advertise Samsung’s new video call centers for hearing impaired customers, Leo Burnett Istanbul spent a month preparing to surprise Muharrem Yazgan, a deaf Turkish man, with a day free from isolation, as everyone he meets greets and communicates with him in sign language.

In week one, the ad received nearly 9 million views on YouTube, earned coverage from NPR, TIME and PC Magazine, among others, and was at one point the No. 2 trending story on Buzzfeed.


Leo Burnett Melbourn’s Dreamy Spot for Honda

Cars have the power to transport us to unfamiliar lands. Leo Burnett Melbourne's “Dream Run” for Honda pushed the boundaries of a typical road trip even further. We saw our protagonist Brian drive his Honda HR-V – the auto company’s first Australian SUV in more than a decade — through a land reminiscent of sci-fi films and surrealistic paintings. Speeding and swerving through the roads, Brian avoids the forces trying to wake him from his fantasy ride. Sweet dreams.


Change Destiny with SK-II

SK-II’s “#ChangeDestiny” tells the story of award-winning ballerina Misa Kuranaga’s struggle against overwhelming odds to become the first Asian principal dancer at the Boston Ballet. This empowering campaign encourages viewers to change their destiny to achieve their dreams.


Biggest. Assembly. Ever.

Secret “Mean Stinks” addressed bullying head on in their annual Biggest. Assembly. Ever. The event, live-streamed to more than 40,000 middle and high school students across the country, encouraged teens to tackle cyberbullying on social media where bullying was most prevalent. In the process, #MeanStinks became one of the top-trending hashtags on Twitter.


McDonald’s Pays Homage to the Classics at the Oscars

McDonald’s "Ingredients,” which debuted during the 87th annual Academy Awards, uses minimalism to make a point – the classics don't need much context. Set to a St. Mark's Philharmonic Orchestra performance of Debussy’s "Clair de Lune," "Ingredients" pays homage to famous films that have helped define the cinematic landscape. The key ingredients of each film are firmly woven into the fabric of our culture and still make an impact today even years after release — much like the Big Mac.


Leo Burnett India Gives a Young Dancer a “Life of Dignity”

Leo Burnett India launched a new campaign for insurance company HDFC Life that chronicles the story of a father helping his daughter, who has a prosthetic leg, to gain confidence and independence as she pursues her dream of being a dancer. The emotional three-minute clip beautifully shows a father’s role in ensuring his family’s self-sufficiency and dignity, even when he may not be around to help his daughter put on her dance costume.


Samsung Galaxy A Reflects “The Way You Are”

Leo Burnett France and its digital strategy department Mediagong launched “The Way You Are” to promote Samsung's new smartphone, Galaxy A. For the campaign, they brought in teenagers under the impression they were attending an audition. Upon arrival, they were offered a chance to win the trip of their dreams with one catch — they had to hand over their phones for anyone to view, and to the teens’ dismay, the viewers were their parents.

The innovative and integrated campaign geared toward Generation Z highlights a phone that is an extension of “the way you are," housing secrets in texts, tweets and photos. A perfect companion except when faced with teens' worst nightmare — revealing their private life to their parents.


This Valentine’s Day, Hallmark Tells Us Not to “Say 'I Love You’”

Chicago’s latest work for Hallmark encouraged viewers not to say "I love you” on the day of the year dedicated to love. For Hallmark’s ten new spots, real-life couples were interviewed by Oscar-winning documentarians Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin. The couples were separated and asked to describe their feelings about their partners without relying too heavily on the word “love.” When brought back together, they were shown what each partner had said about the other with surprising results.


Max Factor Turns Norma Jeane into Marilyn for #GlamJan

Max Factor’s campaign from Leo Burnett/Atelier showcased how the legendary makeup brand transformed plain girl-next-door Norma Jeane Mortensen into the glammed-up girl-of-your-dreams Marilyn Monroe. #GlamJan had social media followers and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Coco Rocha posting side-by-side selfies, one with no makeup and one all dolled up, as living proof of the transformative power of Max Factor.


Don’t Be Afraid of Anything with Anchor White Toothpaste

Leo Burnett India launched a brand new campaign for Anchor White toothpaste depicting how one can stand up against wrongdoings.

The campaign is based on the insight that physical strength — of teeth, in this case — evokes moral strength. The two films follow an ordinary day in the life of a kid who stands up, expresses his views strongly and does not back down even as the odds are stacked against him.


Esurance’s “Sorta” Continues With “Sorta Teacher”

After the Super Bowl success of Lindsay Lohan as your “sorta” Mom and Bryan Cranston as your “sorta” pharmacist, Leo Burnett Chicago kept up Esurance’s momentum with “Sorta Teacher.” What happens when a mustachioed, tattooed and leather-clad “sorta” teacher takes over the classroom from good ol’ Mr. Craig? Let’s just say not everyone who knows how to “teach a lesson” is someone you’d want to see at parent-teacher conferences.


GMC Ups Its Game with “Precision”

Detroit’s “Precision” campaign for GMC highlights the brand's precise craftsmanship and attention to detail by comparing the sleek look and precise lines of GMC trucks and SUVs to the precision of a perfect fastball from San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt.


Zurich Paints a Masterpiece for Samsung

This campaign for Samsung cleverly shows you how to elevate your selfie to a self-portrait with the NX Mini camera. The print ads feature some of the biggest artists of all time – Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, and Albrecht Dürer – using the NX Mini to create their famous self-portraits.


Allstate Sells Us on the Dangers of Oversharing

During the Allstate Sugar Bowl, Allstate launched a series of spots to launch Project Share Aware, intended to educate people about sharing safely on social media. The spots featured the popular Mayhem character as a social-savvy burglar breaking into the home of Matt and Shannon – a real couple who had shared on social media that they would be out of town at the big game. Mayhem stole and sold their belongings online in what many called one of the best ever TV/social integrations. Viewers could actually buy (replicas of) these items on MayhemSale.com – everything from their dishes to their car, which sold for $200.


Jell-O Makes Some Happy "Faces"

When a little girl and her dad let their imaginations soar, JELL-O shines in 101 new ways in this first spot for the brand since Leo Burnett Chicago won the account. Using recipes from the JELL-O website and our own imaginations, the spot shows us that JELL-O is more than a snack. We guarantee it’ll give you a reason to smile.


Fiat 500X Takes a Tour of Europe

The partnership between Fiat and Arc Leo Burnett Italy brought to life a digital activation plan that followed the new car for over seven months. From teaser videos to a dedicated website where everyone could explore the new Fiat 500X in 3D, the campaign concluded with a 74-city tour across Europe, called “The Power of X,” that gave consumers a chance to see the car ahead of its showroom debut in February.


With Fifth Third’s Mobile App, Don't Wait to Bank

When did we become so impatient? This campaign for Fifth Third Bank demonstrates humorously hyperbolic but thoroughly relatable moments when waiting for a few minutes feels like forever


“Humans for Humans”

In Leo Burnett Toronto’s new “Humans for Humans” campaign for homelessness resource center Raising the Roof, homeless people read mean Tweets about themselves and reveal just how much those messages hurt.

For the spot, Leo Burnett Toronto utilized Jimmy Kimmel’s #MeanTweet social phenomenon, in which celebrities are recorded reading mean Tweets about themselves. In “Humans for Humans,” the effect is less comical and more poignant, bringing awareness to how some people so easily talk negatively about people living with homelessness — almost as if they weren’t people.

The campaign aims to put an end to negative conversations around homelessness, asking us all to be #HumansforHumans.

"Network of the Year" at ADC Awards

With a total of 32 honors, Leo Burnett Worldwide was the most awarded agency network at the 94th annual Art Director’s Club of New York (ADC) Awards in Miami. In addition, LB Dubai was named Agency of the Year, and client P&G secured Client of the Year.

The Black Cube (best of show) for Advertising went to the Du “Two for One” campaign from Dubai. LB Sydney won a prestigious Tomorrow Award for the Samsung “S-Drive” effort, and the Designism Cube, which honors outstanding non-profit efforts, went to LB Costa Rica’s “Incomplete Bios” campaign for Fundacion Paniamor.

Additionally, the network won eight Gold, ten Silver, two Bronze and six Merit for work from its London, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney, Dubai, Madrid, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, Paris and Sri Lanka offices.


‘Best of Discipline’ at One Show

At the 42nd annual One Show Awards, Leo Burnett Sydney won “Best of Discipline” in the Print & Outdoor category for the visually imaginative “Poachers: Rhino, Shark, Tiger” campaign for the WWF.

Other big winners from the evening include P&G Always “#LikeAGirl,” which earned one Gold, three Silver and one Bronze, and the TSN “Kings and Queens of the Court” outdoor effort from LB Toronto bagged a Gold, two Silver and one Bronze.

In total, Leo Burnett won 28 awards, including five Gold, 14 Silver and eight Bronze for work from Beirut, Chicago, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Sydney and Toronto offices.


Most Awarded at the ANDYs for Six Years Straight

Leo Burnett Worldwide was the most awarded agency network at the 51st annual International ANDY Awards. Leo Burnett London received the prestigious Richard T. O’Reilly Award for Outstanding Public Service for the Karma Nirvana “Suffocation” campaign, which also won three Gold honors.

The Leo Burnett Group won 22 awards total, including one Best of Show, six Gold, 13 Silver and two Bronze for work from its London, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney, Milan, São Paulo and Hong Kong offices.


Leo Burnett Retains “All Gunns Blazing” Title

Leo Burnett Worldwide topped the Gunn Report’s “All Gunns Blazing” chart for the sixth time in seven years, retaining its title as the leading agency for new world thinking, while jumping to third place on the report’s Most Awarded Agency Network index.

“To top the ‘All Gunns Blazing’ ranking is proof positive that Leo Burnett is in lock step with our industry’s future, and leading the way in delivering innovative ideas that completely transcend category or convention,” said Mark Tutssel, Leo Burnett Worldwide chief creative officer.

Four Burnett campaigns earned top-five spots in the Print/Out of Home and All Gunns Blazing categories, and five offices across four continents are named in the “World’s Top 50 Creative Agencies” (Buenos Aires, Paris, Sydney, Tailor Made São Paulo and Toronto), including two in the Top 10 (São Paulo and Sydney) and four in the Top 25 (Paris and Toronto).


MENA Awarded Network of the Year at Dubai Lynx

Leo Burnett MENA won Network of the Year, two Grand Prix and a dozen gold statues at Dubai Lynx, the most prestigious regional awards show in the Middle East. The Beirut and Dubai offices were especially successful, as Beirut won Agency of the Year and two Grand Prix and Dubai received the top Film Craft prize. In total, Leo Burnett MENA won 54 awards, including two Grand Prix, 12 Gold, 23 Silver and 17 Bronze.


Arc London Crowned the Best at MAA Awards

Arc London was named Agency of the Year at the Marketing Agency Association (MAA) Best Awards. In addition, the office won a Gold for McDonald’s (World Cup/Fryfutbol) and received recognition for their IP – PeopleShop.

Ian Thomas, joint managing partner at Arc London said: “Two years ago we set out some audacious goals for Arc London, one of which included winning Agency of the Year at the MAAs – the industry body that recognizes best in class activation agencies. This coveted accolade is awarded to recognize future thinking agencies that are ‘doing different.’ Criteria include commitment to professional development, award wins, new business and overall business health. We couldn't be more proud to say that we did it at the MAA Awards.”


Chicago Named CAF’s Agency of the Year

The Chicago office took home the Agency of the Year title at the Chicago Advertising Federation's American Advertising Awards, while client P&G won Client of the Year. Sister agency Lapiz was also an Agency of the Year finalist and won Best in Category for Television for its work for the Chicago Latino Film Festival. In total, the Leo Burnett Group won 12 Gold, 20 Silver and 25 Bronze in addition to six Best in Category awards.


Sydney Sweeps AdNews Awards

Leo Burnett Sydney had a powerful showing at the AdNews Awards, taking home three top honors including AdNews’s Agency of the Year, Network of the Year and New South Wales Agency of the Year.


Sri Lanka Is Campaign Brief Asia’s Agency of the Year

Congratulations to Leo Burnett Sri Lanka for winning Campaign Brief Asia’s Creative Agency of the Year. Blowing the competition out of the water, the Sri Lanka office earned 145 points on the Campaign Brief scale – besting the second place winner by 115 points and earning a spot among the Top 50 creative agencies in all of Asia.


WARC 100

The Warc 100 is a ranking of the world’s best marketing campaigns and agencies based on campaign effectiveness and performance in competitions.

Arc Chicago's P&G Pantene "Beautiful Hair, Whatever the Weather" ranked as the No. 5 top campaign followed by LB Tailor Made's "Bentley Burial" at No. 6. LB Melboune's SEEK Volunteer campaign ranked No. 29.

In the top creative agencies list, our offices in São Paulo (No. 13), Melbourne (43) and Bogota (49) are represented in the top 50. And Leo Burnett/Arc placed in the top 10 on the agency networks list.


Pantene Weather Program Wins Excellence in Advertising Research Award

Arc’s Pantene “Beautiful Hair Whatever the Weather” continues its winning streak with a David Ogilvy Award for Excellence in Advertising Research. This award recognizes Arc’s proprietary ShopperScope tool. Arc put Pantene in the right place at the right time with a relevant solution for her, whatever the weather.


Leo Burnett Asia Pacific Named Network of the Year at AdFest

Leo Burnett Asia Pacific was named Network of the Year at the 18th annual AdFest Awards in Thailand. Global Chief Creative Officer Mark Tutssel called it “a superb creative performance, making Leo Burnett the number-one creative communications company in Asia Pacific.”

The awarded network includes Leo Burnett agencies in Bangkok, Beirut, Colombo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo/Beacon Communications KK.

AdFest also recognized Leo Burnett Sydney with the Promo Grande for Best Integrated Promo Campaign for Samsung’s “S-Drive.”

Additionally, Leo Burnett APAC took home three Gold, 12 twelve Silver and five Bronze awards — with Golds awarded to LB Melbourne for Honda, LB Jakarta for Bloodbook and LB Hong Kong for The Salvation Army/Crown Relocations.


Leo Burnett London Awarded Creative Agency of the Year by Creative Circle

Leo Burnett London was awarded the Creative Agency of the Year honor at the annual Creative Circle Awards. In addition, the agency received more nominations than any other agency, with work across seven different clients and campaigns gaining recognition. Aside from the Creative Agency of the Year nod, Leo Burnett London also received three Golds — for work with McDonald’s, Always and Karma Nirvana Charity — and 11 Silvers.


Leo Burnett Named Network of the Year at AWARD Awards

Leo Burnett was named Network of the Year and Leo Burnett Sydney won Agency of the Year at the AWARD Awards, which celebrate creative excellence in the Asia Pacific region. Sydney also won three Golds for their work with Diageo’s Bundaberg Rum and the World Wildlife Fund.


Young Gun Awards Honors Leo Burnett Toronto Talent

Leo Burnett’s young talent brought home some big wins at the Young Gun Awards, earning the prize for Network of the Year and Agency of the Year for Leo Burnett Toronto.

Stellar up-and-comers Laura Jones and Nick Bygraves of Leo Burnett London won Professional of the Year for their work on #LikeAGirl.

In addition to these top honors, the network earned three Gold, one Silver and four Bronze, and boasted 12 twelve additional finalists. Now in their thirteenth year, the Young Gun Awards celebrate young talent in creative communications all over the world.


Leo Burnett Detroit’s “The Bench” Among MVPs at Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards honor the best use of social media, apps and videos, and at this year’s awards, Leo Burnett Detroit was a big player in the game, winning Best Twitter Campaign for NCAA’s “The Bench.”

The campaign was created to spread the word on the NCAA’s changes to its academic eligibility standards for student athletes, and there was no better way to reach the young audience than through a clever social media campaign. So, LB Detroit launched “The Bench,” a character whose goal was to keep kids from being benched in college and to encourage them to excel both in the classroom and on the court — or on the field or in the pool. “The Bench” also drove them to the eligibility site, 2point3.org.

Through the Twitter handle @TalkingBench, the character evolved into a strong social media presence. “The Bench” was also integrated across other media and strategically placed in and around high schools. In only three months’ time, @TalkingBench had 25,000 followers and increased traffic to 2point3.org by 680 percent.